WHEREAS Croton Township Campgrounds (“Campground”) is a public campground located on property owned and operated by Croton Township (“Township”); and

WHEREAS the Croton Township Board finds that it is essential to the health, safety and welfare of campers in the campgrounds and the general public that the following rules and regulations be adopted and enforced.

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that the following rules and regulations are hereby adopted for the Croton Township Campgrounds:

  1. Campgrounds Check Out Time-1:00 PM daily. Extensions to any camping permit must be obtained from the Township.
  2. Quiet Time-11:00 PM to 7:00 AM each day.
  3. Beach and Picnic Areas-The beach and picnic areas are closed from 10:00 PM through 8:00 AM.
    1. No lifeguard is on duty at anytime. Swimming is at each person’s own risk.
    2. No children under age 12 are allowed at the beach or in the water without direct adult supervision.
    3. No glass containers or alcoholic beverages are permitted on the beach or in the water.
  4. No ATV’s shall be operated in the campground during peak camping season April 15th through November 15th. However, street-legal motorcycle with lawful, properly working mufflers are permitted so long as they are operated only on roads. All ATV’s (except the motorcycles mentioned above) are required to be on trailers while in the campground. ATV’s include, but not limited to motorcycles, go-carts, 4-wheelers, 3-wheelers, and mini-bikes.
  5. The speed limit in the campground in 10 MPH.
  6. All camping trailers must be currently state licensed with properly displayed licenses and fully insured.
    1. Seasonal and Winter Storage-Owners must file written proof of licensing and insurance with the Township.
  7. Campground permits are required for all camping units.
    1. A special campground sticker or card must be displayed on the campers towing or passenger vehicle windshield.
    2. No more than two (2) cars allowed at a campsite at a time.
    3. All additional vehicles must be kept in designated parking areas.
  8. Fires are permitted only in designated locations. When in use, all stoves or grills must be attended.
  9. Only one (1) camping unit is allowed per lot or campsite.
    1. No more than eight (8) persons may occupy a tent or trailer site as campers or overnight guests on any given day. Single families, with prior approval, may exceed this number.
    2. No extra camping unites are allowed on any lot without special written permission from the Campground office. If extra camping units are needed and additional fee shall be charged.
  10. All camping trailers will be parked with tongue facing as directed by campground staff.
  11. Children
    1. All children must be supervised by an adult.
    2. No child under 18 shall occupy any camping trailer or tent without having an adult present.
    3. No child under 5 shall use the rest rooms without an adult being present.
    4. Riding a tricycle or bicycle on campground roads or playing on playground and basketball equipment after 10:00 PM is prohibited by anyone under 16 years old. All tricycles and bicycles ridden after dark shall utilize a working light.
    5. Parents are responsible for any damages done by their children or guest.
  12. Pets
    1. Pets must be leashed (on a six (6) foot long or shorter leash) at all times.
    2. No pet shall be left unattended.
    3. No more than one (1) pet is allowed per campsite, except with special written permission by the Campground office.
    4. No exotic pets are allowed.
    5. Owners are liable for their pet’s behavior and actions, and must clean up after their pets.
    6. The Township reserves the right to ban any particular pet or breed of animal.
    7. No barking dogs will be tolerated.
    8. Use the woods adjoining the campground for walking dogs.
    9. No pets are allowed in service buildings, restrooms, on the beach, in fenced beach area, or in the water.
    10. No pit bulls or rottweilers are allowed within the campground.
    11. All dogs must have current licenses and certification of rabies and other shots. A copy must be on file with the campground office.
  13. Visitors
    1. All visitors must register at the campground office when entering the campground and must display a campground guest sticker on their car. All visitors must register and obtain a visitor sticker. (See current fees schedule)
    2. Guest parking is allowed only in the designated public parking area. Guest shall not park on any unoccupied site or neighboring site.
    3. All visitors must leave the campground by 11:00 PM.
  14. Parking
    1. All cars must be parked in the camper’s own site or in designated public parking areas.
  15. Conduct-No loud, boisterous, violent, obscene, vulgar, lewd or disorderly Language or conduct of any kind will be tolerated.
  16. Lottery-The lottery will be for the seasonal lots only. All applications will be for only one lot and must include a check for one month’s rent. Current rent must be paid up to date. The drawing will be held in September at a date announced by the Township board.
  17. Trash-All trash and garbage must be securely bagged and placed in the dumpsters located on the exit road, as shown on the campground map.
    1. Fish cleaning must be wrapped in paper before putting them in plastic bags.
    2. No burning of trash or garbage is allowed.
  18. Boat/Trailer storage-When not in the water, boats, pontoons, and trailers shall be stored in the designated boat/trailer storage area.
    1. All boars and trailers must be currently licensed as required by law.
    2. Boat launch usage is available to Croton Township residents who are not campers, with approval from Campground Office, but not parking pursuant to such watercraft usage is allowed in the campground.
  19. Permit fees-Daily, weekly and monthly camping permit fees shall be paid in advance.
    1. For the seasonal rate, see the campground office for rate and current fee schedule information.
    2. Upon the sale or transfer of a trailer or camping unit, the rental agreement becomes null and void. Camping permits are not transferable.
    3. Subletting is prohibited.
    4. Rental permits and camping agreements are not transferable.
  20. NSF Charges-There will be a fee charged (see current fee schedule) on all Returned or NSF checks.
  21. Camping Lot Regulations
    1. Campers must keep all lots neat and clean at all times. No person shall deposit rubbish, garbage, cans, bottles, or refuse of any kind anywhere on campground premises, other than in designated sanitary refuse depositories. Only normal garbage generated from camping shall be deposited in campground dumpsters. Anything brought from home or from remodeling of trailer can be taken to the Transfer Station.
    2. No person shall knowingly, willfully, wantonly, or maliciously destroy or injure any property of any kind within the Campground. This includes the peeling of bark, carving or chopping of trees, cutting of branches, driving nails, screws and other foreign matter. Campers shall not remove trees, shrubs or wild flowers, dig holes or injure buildings, equipment or improvements.
    3. Campers shall keep the river (lake) bank and public areas clean and free of debris. No usage of tires allowed in water, on banks, or on docks, a fine (see current fee schedule) per tire will be applied.
    4. No water hook-ups to campers or trailers are permitted. No washing cars on premises. Camping units may be washed only from 4-15 thru 5-15 and again from 9-15 thru 10-15.
    5. All drains must be attached to a honey wagon.
    6. Water hoses shall be kept rolled up when not in use,
    7. Electric shall be UL approved, kept in good repair. No direct hookups are allowed. NO electric on docks or shoreline.
    8. 30 amp services available on most sites, exception is primitive area. 50 amp services available on some lots for additional fee (see current fee schedule) per night. Only ONE outlet to be used per site. There will be NO alterations allowed to Camp facilities and/or wiring.
    9. Maximum 100 watt outside lighting.
    10. Ice boxes, refrigerator, freezers or other containers of a kind and size sufficient to permit the entrapment and /or suffocation of a child therein are strictly prohibited within the Campground.
    11. The use of all firearms, archery equipment and air-powered weapons is prohibited within the Campground or on the lake. No fireworks of any kind are allowed.
    12. Keep radio and TV at moderate volume levels or lower. Quiet time is 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM and MUST be observed.
    13. No decks, sheds, building, permanent structures, additions, docks, awnings, patios, privacy screens or fences shall be built, stored, installed or kept with the Campground unless owned by the Township. In some instances temporary sheds may be allowed, but only with prior Township approval. Only standardized temporary RV camping equipment is allowed. The Board will allow no landscaping without prior approval.
    14. Soft screen rooms that attach to a roll up awning are permitted if they are easily movable and not permanently attached to the ground.
    15. Outside antenna and dishes must be attached to the camping unit and may not be higher than 36 inches above the top of the camping unit.
  22. Smoking-No smoking is permitted at the playground, beach, in offices or bathrooms.
  23. Alcoholic Beverages are not permitted in any public area of the campground.
  24. Sales-Except for sales by the Township, no peddling, soliciting or commercial Enterprise of any nature will be allowed in the Campground without permission. No business or displays of crafts ore wares are permitted in the Campground. No sale of boars, trailers, campers or any personal property or item shall occur in the Campground. No “for Sale” signs shall be displayed anywhere in the Campground.
  25. Any Vehicle (as defined in Section 79 of the Michigan Vehicle Code, MLCA 257.79, as amended) which include, but are not limited to, house trailers, mobile homes, vans, converted trucks or buses, campers, recreational vehicles, trailers as well as all other motor vehicles, which remain on Campground property for a period in excess of ten (10) days beyond the period for which a permit was issued or is valid and fees paid shall be deemed an abandoned vehicle within the provisions of Section 252 to 254 of the Michigan Vehicle Code, MLCA 257.252 et seq., as amended and the caretaker shall remove and dispose of said vehicle pursuant to the provisions of that statute. The consent of the Township for the vehicle to remain within or on the lands under the jurisdiction of the Township shall, for purposes of the motor vehicle code, be deemed to have been revoked at the time the camping permit for the vehicle expires or is revoked.
  26. Emergency telephone messages only may be delivered to your site. All other messages will be posted on the message board near the Campground office. Public telephones are located within the Campground.
  27. Don not disturb, annoy or harass wildlife in and around the Campground.
  28. Any items left at any campsite after the permit has expired or after a camper has been evicted from the Campground shall be removed at the owner’s expense.
  29. Croton Township and the Campground shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or any damage to any camping trailer, or any personal property or liability by fire, theft, wind, act of God, or any cause whatsoever, including personal injury.
  30. Littering is prohibited.
  31. Camping is not allowed within the Campground outside of a designated campsite or camping area.
  32. No person under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs shall enter or remain within the Campground.
  33. No person all enter a toilet room set apart for the opposite sex.
  34. All campers and persons within the Campground shall comply with all other applicable Township resolutions and ordinances, as well as state laws.
  35. Trenching or digging on a campsite is prohibited.
  36. Cruising or joy riding within the Campground is prohibited.
  37. Individual campsites are not provided as locations for large group gatherings or parties that are disruptive to the normal atmosphere of the Campground. Such activities will not be permitted and violators who persist will be evicted.
    No gathering of people shall exceed twenty (20) without the group having first obtained a large group permit from the Township or Campground office.
  38. Non-campers will not be permitted to visit campers after 11:00 PM.
  39. The Campground and the Township reserve the right to refuse entry to any tent, Camping unit or trailer which, in the opinion of the Township or Campground official, is unsafe, unsightly, or not in compliance with this resolution or any other applicable resolutions, ordinances or laws.
  40. The Township reserves the right to charge additional fees for the use of Township docks or other Campground facilities.
  41. Dock season is May 1 thru September 30, weather permitting. Only one side of A dock may be rented to campers.
    1. Only one watercraft per dock with the exception of two (2) jet skis if they fit the dock.
    2. No swimming, diving, jumping or riding of bicycles off docks or boat launches.
  42. Campers shall not leave any personal item, chairs, picnic tables or similar items on the beach or public areas of the Campground when not in use.
  43. No units will be places on lots within the Campground without rent receipt and approval by the Campground office.
  44. Winter boat storage will be (see current fee schedule) and a winter storage agreement must be signed.
  45. All campers and guest shall comply with all of the above rules and regulations and any applicable Township ordinances or resolutions. This also includes:
    1. Use of profanity.
    2. Lewd and/or indecent behavior. This includes suggestive actions.
    3. Verbal abuse, physical abuse or the threat of same towards others.
    4. Excessive drunkenness.

Any infraction of any of these rules or regulations shall be cause for cancellation of the camping permit, the immediate removal of the camping unit from the Croton Township Campground and the forfeiture of all paid fees.